About Storrz.Com

Storrz.com Is a Local Online Shopping Mall. Now you can visit the best stores in the city from the comforts
of your Home or Office and Shop for Groceries , Daily Needs, Fruits And Vegetable and More .

Our Service Guarantee
Shop at any store in the Storrz.com Mall and receive the same High Quality of service.
Storrz.com handles all deliveries within Bangalore. Our Own delivery team delivers
you product and ensures that you have great experience every time.

Multiple Great Payment Options
Pay by Credit Card Online
Pay by Credit/Debit can on Delivery Via Mobile POS
Pay by Sodex Ho Meal Pass

A Few of Our Store Are Listed Below
Namdharis Fresh [Grocery Retail Chain], Cookieman– Fresh Australian Cookies , MTR Foods, Value Mart
[FMCG], Pedigree Pet Foods, IndusTree Crafts [Designer Furniture], Dr Morepen Health Care Products, Mars
And Snickers Chocolates, Art Of Living [Merchandise Ayurveda and Media]

Contact Us At

Website: WWW.Storrz.Com

Phone:080 22441165/ 22441319

Email: support@storrz.com


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